Integration steps:

  • Create a dynamic label on Truecaller for Business console:

    • Log in to the Truecaller for Business console.

    • Navigate to Business Identity in the left hand side panel.

    • Click on "Identity" and then go to the Caller ID Details section.

    • Click on "Create a Label".

    • Select the caller ID type as Dynamic Caller ID.

    • Add a logo for your dynamic caller ID. The logo should be a PNG file, with dimensions 200x200 and file size less than 2 MB.

    • Add a label name of less than 40 characters for your Dynamic Caller ID.

    • Choose the category for your business from the dropdown after creating a label name.

    • Click on "Create Caller ID' to finish creating your dynamic caller ID.

Previously created dynamic labels can be fetched by hitting the below API endpoint.

  • Create and push your calling records to Truecaller for Business.

Here are a few things to consider when pushing the records through the API :-

  • Caller and receiver should be phone numbers without the “+” character.

  • ends_at should not be before the current timestamp.

  • starts_at and ends_at cannot be more than 24 hrs apart

  • label_id should be that of a dynamic label belonging to this client.

  • Label name and call reason are optional fields.

  • Max length for label name is 40 chars

  • Max length for call reason is 50 chars

  • starts_at and ends_at should be in milliseconds.

This endpoint pushes the dynamic caller ID details to the respective Truecaller users. It supports batching, with a maximum batch size is 500.

  • Check the status of pushed records.

After pushing records into our systems, you can check the status of each batch and record that was processed.

  • Hit the dialer and place the call.

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