Rate Limits

Truecaller for Business restricts API requests when you exceed the limits entitled to your business.

General Rate Limit Information:

  • Requests Per Minute (RPM): The maximum number of requests allowed within a one-minute time window.

    • A maximum of 10 tokens can be created every 30 minutes.

    • Max 60 requests can be made every minute per token.

  • Thus, if your business is using a batch based approach to push records to our systems, 10*60*500 = 300000 records can be processed every minute.

Here, the batch size is 500. This means that a maximum of 500 requests can be processed at a time.

Adapting to rate-limits

  • Exponential Backoff: If you receive a "429" status code, consider implementing exponential backoff for retrying requests.

  • Prioritize Important Requests: If your application performs various tasks, prioritize critical requests over less essential ones to stay within limits.

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