Call Management

You can use Call Management APIs to list numbers with a verified identity on Truecaller for a fixed duration of time. Power this verified identity with personalized context delivery for each call record that is pushed to our systems, and deliver personalized value to your customers.

Here are some use cases for Call Management APIs:

  • Calling operations done through non-company owned numbers where a permanent identity cannot be listed.

  • Scheduled calling operations that are run daily, where your business wants to add a clean identity and personalized call context for optimal performance.

  • Calls often made from one business number to multiple users.

  • Refreshing your identity on Truecaller easily, if your business has limited calling numbers.

Pre-requisites for using Call Management APIs:

  • Dynamic Label ID: Only “Dynamic Label IDs” can be used in the API request for placing calls.

  • A subscription to a package that includes Call Management APIs.

If your business is interested in knowing more about Call Management APIs, please reach out to ->

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