How can I enable the Call Me Back feature?

  1. You can enable Call Me Back in your feature set only after setting up your Verified Business Caller ID.

  2. Click on the Call Me Back toggle to activate it.

  3. Once you click on the Call Me Back toggle in the feature set configuration page, you have to click on “Manage Working Days” to enable the days that you want your customers to call you back on.

  4. Activate the days for which you want this feature to be enabled for.

  5. Click on Save Slots to save the days you have selected for Call Me Back.

Alternatively, you can click on "Call Me Back" under the "Features" section of the left hand side panel in the console and enable the days you want your customers to call you back on.

Note that the configuration for Call Me Back is applied on the account level i.e., the days selected for Call Me Back are applied to all the feature sets where you activate Call Me Back.

  1. Once your Call Me Back days are enabled, click on "Departments" and select the calling operation for which you wish to enable Call Me Back feature.

  2. Click on Configure, for the process where you want to enable Call Me Back.

  3. Click on the toggle to activate Call Me Back feature.

  4. Click on Publish to publish your feature set.

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