4. Setup your Verified Business Caller ID

  1. You have to begin configuring your feature set by activating the Caller ID feature first.

  2. Without enabling the Caller ID feature, you will not be able to activate the other features available to you.

  3. To activate the Caller ID feature, click on the “Caller ID” toggle.

  4. You can either create a new caller ID or choose from your list of existing caller IDs.

  5. Once you see the Caller ID toggle activated, your Verified Business Caller ID feature is now configured.

  1. If you want to create a new caller ID, click on “Create New”.

  2. You now have to add a logo to the caller ID. While adding a logo for your caller ID, ensure you are using a 200x200px logo in a PNG format.

  3. Add your label name.

  4. Choose your business category and a sub-category.

  5. Click on “Create Caller ID”.

  6. Your new caller ID is now ready to be used.

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