What are the conditions to note when I am enabling a time slot for my customers?

  • The time slots displayed on the after-call screen are - Evening, Tomorrow, and Weekend.

  • To enable these time slots, note the following conditions:

    • Evening: If a call is made during the day before 12 PM, the call back will reflect for the same day unless businesses have disabled the evening time slot on your self-serve dashboard.

    • Tomorrow: If a call is made today[Monday]; let us suppose we have activated Tuesday, so the call-back request will be automatically set for Tuesday. In case Tuesday is not selected on the business console, the next day of the week that's selected will be set. So if it's Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday, whichever date is next selected will be auto-assigned for a callback.

    • Weekend: If a call is placed on a weekday (Mon - Thursday), and the slot for Saturday or Sunday, or both are enabled from Self-serve, then the weekend slot will be displayed. If a call is placed on Friday/ Saturday, instead of showing a weekend slot, the after-call screen will display the day for which the slot is enabled, i.e., either Saturday or Sunday.

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