FAQs for Resellers

  • Does this affect all my clients?

    • No, it only affects clients that are on the older version of Truecaller for Business console.

  • How can I help my customers in making this migration smooth?

    • The new Truecaller for Business console gives customers the capability to set up their ‘Calling Operations’. ‘Calling Operations’ are day-to-day calling use-cases of a business. These are pre-defined on the platform to help businesses with a quick setup.

    • To ensure a smooth migration, you can ask your customers to group all their existing numbers into the pre-defined calling operations available in the new platform. This will ensure that once they migrate, their numbers are already bucketed into the new calling operations, reducing the overall time of the migration process.

    • The calling operations currently on the new Truecaller for Business console are:

      • Sales

      • Support

      • Delivery

      • Call support

      • OTP verification

      • 24h support

      • Maintenance work

      • Product recall

      • File collection

      • Media

      • Scheduling team

      • Estimation call

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