Can Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID help in removing spam from my numbers?

Truecaller Verified Business Caller ID does not remove spam. We do not guarantee spam removal or number whitelisting on using our Verified Business Caller ID solution.

When a verified number is identified as spam by Truecaller’s spam algorithm, an additional tag showing the spam score is displayed on the caller ID.

The Verified Business Caller ID is a brand identity solution. It will help you showcase your brand name, logo, and industry tags to establish brand safety and trust in communication while also preventing identity theft by scammers.

  • Green caller ID remains intact along with the verified tick

  • Business identity details (name, logo, tag) remain intact

The solution allows businesses to project the right identity and adds trust to user communication. But, spam marking of listed numbers is governed predominantly by business call patterns and by users’ decision to report a call as spam. Truecaller has a responsibility toward its users to allow them to express their opinion on the calls they have received. Users’ perception of Spam is subjective and varies with:

  • Nature of the calls

  • The intent of the customer

  • Cold call vs follow-up

  • Prior context/brand association

  • Frequency of contact

  • Positioning of the business

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