Implementing user flow for your app

While you start integrating Truecaller SDK, as the very first step, it is important to work on designing the right user flow, so that you can achieve desired results.

Truecaller SDK is a mobile number verification service, without the need for any OTP whatsoever.

The right way to implement Truecaller SDK in your mobile app, is to invoke mobile number verification via Truecaller at touch points, where you have your users to sign-up/ login/ checkout by verifying their mobile numbers.

Let us now see an example to understand how to effectively use Truecaller SDK at such touch points in your user journey

Housejoy - a leading marketplace for home services, with the nature of it’s business, having verified mobile number of customers is of utmost importance. Housejoy, thus, has mobile number as the primary identifier for its users.

They capture mobile number identity of users, during their app onboarding process, and thus wish to make it easy, simple and frictionless for it’s users, so as to minimise any drops whatsoever. Here is how Housejoy leverages Truecaller SDK:

Building for Various Touch points

a. New user signup via mobile number Example : 1mg - leading online healthcare brand

b. User Verification at Checkout Example : Drivezy - Marketplace for car & bike rentals

Drivezy allows users to browse through it’s app without needing to sign-up or log-in. However, when users wish to make the car/ bike rental booking, it requires users to verify their mobile number.

c. Directly invoking Verification via Truecaller Example : LOCO - India’s #1 trivia gaming app

LOCO has mobile number as primary identifier. So as soon as users lands on it’s mobile number login screen, it invokes Verification via Truecaller, and onboards it’s users within seconds in 1-tap

d. Invoking verification via Truecaller with a CTA Example : Rapido - India’s #1 bike taxi

When mobile apps onboard their users, there are multiple ways in which they address the onboarding process. For example, one could call it as Get Started, Join Us, Login, Sign up, etc., shown as a button to the users, clicking which leads to the mobile number based identity verification of users. Here is such an example from Rapido:

e. Mobile number + social logins Example : Sheroes - India’s leading women community platform

Sheroes allows its users to login with mobile number, along with social logins as well. However, in such a case, whenever users click on mobile number option to login, it invokes verification via Truecaller, and onboards them instantly.

Now that we have gone through and understood how to implement Verification via Truecaller, let’s get started with the SDK integration