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How can I access my Truecaller developer account ?

What can I do with my Truecaller developer account ?

Once you setup your Truecaller developer account you can:

  • create new applications and get respective app keys for using Truecaller SDK

  • edit an existing app

  • reset your account password

How can I add an app in my account ?

  • For Android apps, you need a valid app name, package name, SHA1 fingerprint and Google app hash code ( optional ) for your app build

  • For iOS apps, you need a valid app name, bundle Id and a teamId

  • For mobile web apps, you need a valid name, public url [ domain name ] for the web app and a publicly accessible callback URL [ an endpoint on your server where Truecaller’s server will post a user’s access token once they give consent to share their Truecaller profile with your app ]

Things that I need to keep in mind -

While creating a new app, you cannot have :

  • more than one active android app with the same combination of package name and SHA1 fingerprint

  • more than one active iOS app with the same bundle Id and teamId

  • more than one active mobile web app with the same public url and callback URL

  • If you want a new key for the same combination of params, you will need to deactivate the existing app first and then create a new one with the same identifiers

While editing an already existing app, you can only edit the following :

  • App name in case of android / iOS apps

  • Callback URL in case of web apps [ Please note that once you change the callback URL, it might take up to 30 minutes for the caching to clear out and reflect in our systems ]

You will not be able to edit main identifiers of apps such as package name, fingerprint, bundleId, teamId In case you need to have an app with the same package name but a different fingerprint, you should create a new app. You can also activate and deactivate your application. You cannot activate an application with identifiers that are already used by any of your existing apps.

I have more than one developer account. I wish to have only one account through which I should be able to manage all my apps

If you have more than one account and wish to use only one, please contact us here by sending :

  • your existing account's email id

  • existing app details

  • email id of the new account which you wish to continue using

We will make sure we map your existing apps to the single account you wish to use.

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