Mobile Web SDK

“Mobile Web SDK is currently supported only for browsers running on Android OS”

How does Truecaller SDK work for mobile websites and interfaces ?

Please refer here.

Where can I find the technical documentation for integration on my mobile web app / PWA ?

Please refer to the technical documentation here.

What is the right way / How do I implement the user flow in my app using Truecaller SDK ?

Please refer here.

How much time does it take for Truecaller to send the access token callback once a user approves the verification request ?

  • As soon as a user clicks ‘Continue’ on the Truecaller profile dialog, our backend makes a POST request to the callback URL configured by you while creating the app from your developer account

  • In case users deny sharing their information, we immediately send you an error response on the same callback URL

  • The entire process normally takes a few milliseconds

What should I do once I receive user’s access token on my callback endpoint ?

Please refer here

I am unable to add the callback URL to my developer account

The callback URL you add has to be an ‘https’ endpoint, and you won’t be able to add an ‘http’ endpoint. Please ensure that you have SSL setup before adding the callback URL For guidelines on properly setting up your callback URL, please refer here.

What is request ID parameter in the deep link schema ?

Request ID corresponds to a unique identifier that you can set from your end while initiating any verification request. Once users give their consent for sharing the profile information with your mobile web app, we share the same request ID to you along with the access token on your callback URL. This can be used as a request correlation for mapping.

The request ID parameter needs to be a URL safe string with a length of minimum 8 characters and a maximum of 64 characters

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