Generating App Key

To ensure the authenticity of interactions between your web app and Truecaller, you need to generate an app key [ partner key ] from Truecaller developer account ( ) by adding your app name, domain and a callback URL.

To generate a new app key for your mobile website, go to the 'MANAGE APPS' section on the developer account dashboard and click on 'CREATE APP'. Select 'Web' in the App type and continue to enter your app details.

App domain corresponds to the domain link of your website

Callback URL corresponds to an endpoint on your backend where we will post the access token for you to fetch the user's profile. Every access token can be used to fetch the profile only of the related user granting the authorization to your app.

When setting up the callback URL, please consider the following:

Method: All access token requests will be submitted as POST request. Make sure your service is async, since we only expect that the message is accepted from your side. The service should respond within maximum 3 seconds upon receiving the request.

Each access token has a time-to-live (10 minutes) and if not used within the TTL, the user needs to re-trigger the authorization process from the beginning.

Security: To ensure security and privacy, HTTPS should be used. Make sure your certificate is always valid.

Request Params:

Expected Response Codes:

  • 2** OK

Once you input your app details and create the app, you will be able to see a unique "appKey" for your app which you need to include in your project to authorise all verification requests.

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