Number Verification Plugin

"Number Verification App" for Shopify web stores

What is the “Truecaller Number Verification ” app ?

This app helps you verify your user’s mobile number identity anywhere during the checkout flow and also lets you capture mapped user profile details such as name, email, city etc. which can be auto-filled in your form to make the process simpler for your users and reduce checkout time.

Does the user need to do any manual efforts or share any information to go through the number verification flow ?

Truecaller verification flow is a totally effortless and no-OTP flow. The users don’t even need to type in their mobile number or wait for an OTP. The users simply need to give their consent to share their basic Truecaller profile details like verified mobile number, name, city etc.

Is there any technical integration or coding required to set up the app with my Shopify store ?

No, there is no need for any technical integration. You simply need to install the app and configure a few options to get started. The entire setup can be done within a matter of a few minutes.

What are the supported platforms for this app ?

This app is currently supported on Mobile websites on Android platform only

How can I know the details about all the configuration options available in the app ?

To know what each of the configuration option means, and what are the possible value options, please refer to this section of our documentation :

What happens if I change my store theme ?

When you change theme, you need to follow steps in Installation tab again, to install/customise the flow on product and/or checkout flows.

What is the pricing for this app ?

This app is completely free to use and has no commercials and verifications limits involved. You can verify any number of users on your website for free.

Can I use the number verification flow on "Product Page" ?

Yes, the app works with "Buy it Now" button on the "Product Page". To enable this, you need to disable the "Dynamic Checkout Button" from theme settings

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