Google play store app permission declaration form

This section is only relevant for apps who are using the Truecaller SDK for verifying non-Truecaller user as well and seek phone permissions from the users

If you are using the functionality of verifying non Truecaller users also via the SDK, your app would need specific phone permissions as has been described in this section. If you are using the Truecaller SDK for verification of existing Truecaller users only ( 1-tap flow ), you can skip this section.

As you upload the new app build to PlayStore with user verification feature via Truecaller SDK and the requisite permissions, you might be asked to fill an app permission declaration form.

We are sharing some tips on how to appropriately justify the need for these permissions for your verification flow :

#1: In one sentence, please describe the core functionality of your app. To be defined by you as a publisher of your app

#2: What is the core functionality in your app requiring the Call Log and / or SMS permissions? Mobile number verification to onboard users on <your_app>

This is in-line with Google’s allowed usage of this permission for account verification via phone call, as stated here: Flow: a)Enter mobile number b)Request READ_CALL_LOG permission c)Initiate drop call from 3rd party service to respective number d)Drop call hits user’s device and is rejected automatically via above permission to complete verification

#3: Do any of the following disallowed use cases apply to your app’s core functionality request for Call Log or SMS permissions? NO

#4: Do any of the following other use cases apply to your app’s core functionality request for Call Log or SMS permissions? OTP & Account verification via Phone Call (select this from the given list of options)

#5: Is your app’s use of Call Log or SMS permissions to provide functionality required by law or regulation? No

#6: Other We use drop call based verification of users’ mobile number for account creation or logging into their <your app name> accounts. Such method of mobile number verification results in better verification success rates in our key markets like India, etc.

Android guidelines for asking app permissions from user

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