Quick guide on how to properly track and instrument funnel for the verification flow of users via Truecaller on your mobile website

For proper tracking of the verification funnel via Truecaller on your app, you should implement tracking events for the following states :

  1. Total users coming to your verification flow

  2. Number of cases when the Truecaller app is present on your device - can be appropriately known using the javascript condition as described in the invoking verification section

  3. Number of users who proceed with this flow and click Continue on the Truecaller dialog [ for these cases, you receive a success response with user's access token on the callback URL configured by you ]. For details, refer here

  4. Number of cases where you received any error, where you receive an error response with 'user_rejected' message on the callback URL configured by you. For details, please refer here

  5. Number of successful profiles fetched by your backend post receiving the acess token from Truecaller's backend on your callback URL. For details, refer here

  6. Number of successful communications between your backend and frontend post fetching the user's profile information to complete the verification flow

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