App Configuration

*Currently under early access

Search for “Truecaller Number Verification” app on Shopify app store and install it. Proceed by allowing access for app installation

You’ll be taken to the app configuration screen where you need to input your “partner key” ( generated in above steps ) and also select the options on how you want to customise the Truecaller verification dialog for your users. You can know more about all the possible customisation options in our documentation here. Please select the appropriate options as per your use case and proceed.

Once you save the configuration, you’ll be shown redirect links to go to your store product page and cart checkout page to add the Truecaller Number Verification app into the respective places

1) Click on “Home” in the left hand navigation panel

Click on “Customise” in the theme settings section

2) Go to the “Catalog” section and click on any product to open the product customisation page

Click on “Add Block” from the left hand navigation panel

3) Select “Verify and Buy ( Products )” from the dropdown

4) Once you add the Truecaller button, you would need to disable the default dynamic checkout button for your store. To do so, click on the “Buy Buttons” option in the left hand navigation panel

5) Uncheck the “Show dynamic checkout buttons” option and click on Save button and navigation to the main panel on the left hand side

6) Drag and position the “Verify and Buy (Products)” widget just below the “Buy Buttons” widget. Click on save

7) You can customise the CTA and text colour on the button. To do so, click on the “Verify and Buy ( Products )” and you would see the options to customise the CTA colour as well as the button text colour. Please select your desired value to match the store them

8) To enable the Truecaller flow on the cart page also, click on the link just below the “Customise your button” text in the left hand navigation panel

9) Click on save

That’s it. Truecaller instant verification flow is now enabled for your online store.

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