App Review Process

To ensure that your users get the best onboarding experience, and at the same time help you realise the true potential of Truecaller SDK, we are now coming up with a developer app review process. You can now share your apps/ mobile sites integrated with Truecaller SDK with the Truecaller developer platform team to get feedback, and recommendations on best practices before you actually make your app/ website live for your users. Our team comes with years of experience on design, UX and learnings on minimising user drop offs.

You can submit your apps/ website for review at any point once you have successfully integrated Truecaller SDK, but we recommend that you proceed with the submission only after you have thoroughly tested your app in development mode.

To submit the application for review, please raise a ticket by going to our support section here, and navigate to the “App Review” section. Submit your details along with a link to your app file/ website link in the message body.

Once you have submitted your app/ mobile site for review, our team will get back to you within 3-5 working days.

P.S. : Apps and mobile websites with best implementations of the verification flow after being submitted for the app review process and quality certified from our end, stand a chance to be showcased in our monthly developer newsletter and case studies in our global developer portal.

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