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How does Truecaller SDK work for android apps ?

Please refer here for details.

Can I use Truecaller SDK to verify mobile numbers for all my app users globally ?

Truecaller SDK v2.0 has 2 key functionalities.

  • With the 1-tap verification functionality, you can verify mobile number of any active Truecaller app user (globally) on your app

  • With the missed call based functionality, you can verify mobile number of any user who may not be an active Truecaller app user. The missed call functionality is currently available for India market and on android platform only

Where can I find the technical documentation for integration on my android app ?

Please refer to the technical documentation here.

What is the right way / How do I implement the user flow in my app using Truecaller SDK ?

Please refer here for details.

Why do I get "Partner Unauthorised [ ERROR_TYPE : 3 ] " error ?

One app key can be used only for a particular combination of package name and SHA1. Different partner key needs to be used for any different combination of the two parameters.

You might be getting this error because you're either:

  • using a wrong app key

  • using the right key with either or both wrong package name and fingerprint

For details on generating and managing app keys for different app builds. Please refer here.

How can I find the SHA1 of my android app build ?

Please refer here for details.

What is the TruecallerSDK.getInstance().isUsable() method used for ?

The isUsable() method, helps you check if the Truecaller SDK can be used for user verification or not. Depending on the "sdkOptions" scope you have defined while initialising the Truecaller SDK ( WITH_OTP or WITHOUT_OTP ), below are the expected results :

WITH_OTP : In this case, Truecaller SDK can be used to verify existing Truecaller users as well as non-Truecaller app users ( via missed call/ OTP flow ), hence isUsable() method would always return "true".

WITHOUT_OTP : In this case, Truecaller SDK can be used to verify only existing Truecaller users, hence isUsable() method would return "true" only if the users have Truecaller SDK on their devices. It would return false otherwise

How do I verify the authenticity of Truecaller SDK response ?

Please refer here.

Does Truecaller SDK need any app permission ?

For the verification of existing Truecaller users who have the app present on their smartphones, the SDK does not require any android system permissions, whatsoever

For the automatic verification of users who don't have the Truecaller app on their devices, the SDK can facilitate the verification by sending a drop call in background / fallback SMS based OTP. If you choose to use this service for the verification of non-Truecaller users as well, the SDK will require you to ask for READ_CALL_LOG and READ_PHONE_STATE permissions. You can read more about the usage of these permissions here

How can I test my application with Truecaller SDK integration to make it release ready ?

For details on test scenarios and setup, please refer here

Do I need to submit an app permissions declaration form while uploading my app on google play store ?

If you are also using the missed call based non Truecaller user verification functionality of the SDK ( currently supported for India only ), you need specific phone permissions as described here. For submitting your application on Google play store, please refer to our recommended guidelines here

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