Android App SDK

How does Truecaller SDK work for android apps ?

Please refer here for details

Where can I find the technical documentation for integration on my android app ?

Please refer to the technical documentation here

What is the right way / How do I implement the user flow in my app using Truecaller SDK ?

Please refer here for details

Why do I get "Partner Unauthoried [ ERROR_TYPE : 3 ] " error ?

One app key can be used only for a particular combination of package name and SHA1. Different partner key needs to be used for any different combination of the two parameters.

You might be getting this error because you're either:

  • using a wrong app key

  • using the right key with either or both wrong package name and fingerprint

For details on generating and managing app keys for different app builds. Please refer here

How can I find the SHA1 of my android app build ?

Please refer here for details

How do I verify the authenticity of truecaller SDK response ?

Please refer here

I am facing issues after migrating to androidX

@keep annotation with androidX works as expected when you include the following line in your app level build.gradle file :

proguardFiles getDefaultProguardFile(

NO - Truecaller SDK does not require any android system permissions, whatsoever