What is Truecaller SDK ?

Truecaller SDK is a user consent based, instant, mobile number verification service, which you can use at any touch point in your user journey where you look to verify your users. To know more, read here

Why should I use Truecaller SDK ?

Leading products like 1mg, Gaana, OYO, Grofers, Myntra, and more, leverage Truecaller SDK to increase user growth and reduce user abandonment. To know more, read here

For which use cases can I use Truecaller SDK to verify mobile number of my app users ?

Number verification use cases can be around user on-boarding, login, registration, number verification at checkout etc. You may refer to this section to see some of the examples use cases of mobile number verification via Truecaller SDK

Which platforms can I use Truecaller SDK on ?

Truecaller SDK is available for :

Can I use Truecaller SDK to verify mobile numbers for all my app users globally ?

Truecaller SDK v2.0 has 2 key functionalities.

  • With the 1-tap verification functionality, you can verify mobile number of any active Truecaller app user (globally) on your app ( For native android & iOS apps, react native and mobile websites, PWAs on android )

  • With the missed call based functionality, you can verify mobile number of any user who may not be an active Truecaller app user. The missed call functionality is currently available for India market and on native android and react native platform only

Is Truecaller SDK free to use ?

Yes - Truecaller SDK is 100% free to use, no user verification limits whatsoever.

Do users need to type / provide their mobile number to complete verification via Truecaller SDK on my app ?

If the user has Truecaller app present on their device with a verified profile, Truecaller SDK facilitates zero effort user flow - which does not require users to type / provide their mobile numbers. This also helps in avoiding any typos.

In case the Truecaller app is not present on the user's device, the android SDK will facilitate the verification via drop call based background verification / SMS based OTP. For this, the user will have to input their mobile number on your android app interface to trigger the verification

What information does my app receive when users consent to verify via Truecaller SDK on my app ?

Once users consent to verify via Truecaller SDK on your platform, you shall receive verified mobile number and name for all users, and other profile information such as email, city etc.

Does Truecaller SDK receive any information from my app ?

Truecaller SDK does not capture any information from 3rd party platforms, and neither has any visibility to any user activities. The entire process of verification for Truecaller users is completely 1-way in nature, meaning that there is absolutely no data handshake involved.

For verifying non-Truecaller users in your android app, the SDK needs the mobile number and name of the user to complete the verification process.

How do I get started integrating Truecaller SDK / next steps for integration ?

  • For Android : Refer here

  • For Mobile Websites ( Currently for Android Browsers only ) : Refer here

  • for iOS : Refer here

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