You can perform user verification via Truecaller at any touchpoint in your journey ( for example - login, registration, checkout, verification, etc. ).

To initiate the user verification, you need to trigger a deep link upon any user action, in the format mentioned below.


Here, requestNonce should be a unique requestID that you need to associate with every verification request you trigger, so as to do the requisite mapping of the access token which we post to your callback URL once users share their consent.

NOTE : The minimum length of the request ID parameter should be 8 characters and maximum length can be 64 characters

Add the app key which you generated from your developer portal account in the partnerKey parameter, and the app name that you want users to see in the truecaller profile dialog in the partnerName parameter.

The lang parameter refers to the language locale string corresponding to the language that you wish the user to see the profile dialog in ( For example - 'en' for English ). For complete list of supported languages in which you can show the profile dialog to the users, please refer below :

- English [ "en" ]
- Hindi [ "hi" ]
- Marathi [ "mr" ]
- Telugu [ "te" ]
- Malayam [ "ml" ]
- Urdu [ "ur" ]
- Punjabi [ "pa" ]
- Tamil [ "ta" ]
- Bengali [ "bn" ]
- Kannada [ "kn" ]
- Odia [ "or" ]

Similarly, the title string option can be any one of the following parameters depending on what contextual title string you want to show to the user :

- logIn [ 'Login' ]
- signUp [ 'Signup' ]
- signIn [ 'Sign in' ]
- verify [ 'Verify number with' ]
- register [ 'Register with' ]
- getStarted [ 'Get Started with' ]

Similarly, the skipOption parameter enables you to add an optional footer string "USE ANOTHER MOBILE NUMBER" which, when clicked by users, allows you to take them to your alternate verification flow. It can take the following value: