Handling error responses for cases of verifying non-Truecaller users

While verifying your users using Truecaller's drop call flow, it might happen that the verification fails because of specific reasons. For these cases, the SDK will return to you the corresponding error message in the onRequestFailure() method in the VerificationCallback callback. You will receive the appropriate error message from TrueException using TrueException#getExceptionMessage()

  • When the user has exceeded the maximum number of allowed verification attempts within a span of 24 hours from the time the first verification attempt was made Error Message : "user reached the limit"

  • When the partner key ( app key ) you have configured in your project is incorrect Error Message : "Invalid partner credentials."

  • When the input mobile number is not a valid mobile number Error Message : "invalid phone number"

  • In case of Truecaller internal service error Error Message : "Something went wrong: Failed to create installation."