Changelog for Truecaller android SDK

SDK VersionChangelog ( if applicable )


  1. New errors codes introduced in TrueException for "simState", "airplaneMode" and "permissions". Details here

  2. Developers need to take care of the required permissions requesting logic at their own end since SDK won't be making permissions any longer from this version onwards

  3. Default verification medium would be Drop Call for all verification attempts made

  4. Developers can set a request nonce to the non-tc flow using the existing SDK method - TruecallerSDK.getInstance().setRequestNonce("SOME_REQUEST_NONCE"). The partners will receive this request nonce from the callback interface for different callback types :

    1. TYPE_MISSED_CALL_INITIATED, TYPE_VERIFICATION_COMPLETE - Can be received from VerificationDataBundle as


    2. TYPE_PROFILE_VERIFIED_BEFORE - Can be received from VerificationDataBundle as



  • Minimum supported version updated to 5.1 Android version

  • Minimum kotlin version supported 1.6.10

  • Removed all the sensitive checks colliding with google play’s data privacy policies

  • Project moved to MavenCentral


  • To handle requestCode collision new check on the client side onActivityResult method is introduced.

  • Handled request code collision in SDK

  • Fix SDK Android 11 compatibility

  • Added business profile indicator


  • Provided new SDK clear() method on client side

  • Fixed memory leaks.

  • Handle ActivityNotFoundException by providing a try-catch block and throwing a new TrueError code with Type = 15.


  • Passing TrueError in onVerificationRequired() method of the SDK

  • Exposed verification TTL to verification callback on client side

  • Fixing default values for CTA color/text color

  • Ellipsize text input fields in SDK


  • Updated proguard rule

  • Fixed phone number caching in non Truecaller user verification flow

  • Minor bug fixes


  • Added support for Arabic and Assamese


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