Non-Truecaller User Verification Flow

Common scenarios to check for in you app verification flow for non-Truecaller users

If the user does not have the Truecaller app present on their device or they chose to verify using a different number than the one already verified on Truecaller app currently, they can be taken to this flow in which we provision the verification of the user by sending missed call using our infrastructure.

User verifying via Truecaller's missed call mechanism for the very first time

Proceed to the flow where the user needs to input their mobile number. Give the necessary permissions ( as described here ) and proceed with the verification. You would receive a missed call on the device which gets automatically detected by the SDK. Post this, you need to pass the user's first name and last name to the SDK to complete the verification

User verifying via OTP mechanism ( if users deny phone permissions, as described here )

In case the user denies the needed permission in the above step, the means of verification would fallback to SMS based OTP instead of missed call. In that case, you can chose to implement your own fallback OTP infrastructure or opt for Truecaller's fallback SMS based OTP infrastructure. If you have opted for your own SMS infrastructure, you can chose to proceed as per your own flow. In case you have opted for Truecaller's SMS based OTP infrastructure, when you request for a verification for the user's number, Truecaller sends an SMS to the user containing the OTP. Once the OTP is keyed in by the user or automatically read ( using the SDKs SMS retriever functionality ), you need to pass the user's first name and last name along with the OTP to the Truecaller SDK method to complete the verification flow.

User already verified with the same credentials previously on the smartphone

Once a user's verification is completed successfully on a particular device, and they re-attempt to verify on the same app using the same credentials ( same smartphone, same mobile number ), Truecaller SDK is able to identify the user and we can tell you it's the same user. In this case, no additional missed call / OTP is needed to re-verify the user. The SDK will directly tell the status of the repeat user, and in this case returns the first name and last name of the user back to you in response.

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