Advanced Steps

Advanced steps for validating the request-response correlation:

Every request sent via a Truecaller app that supports Truecaller SDK has a unique identifier. This identifier is bundled into the response for assuring a correlation between a request and a response. If you want you can check this correlation yourself by:

1. You can use your own custom request identifier via the TrueClient with TruecallerSDK.getInstance().setRequestNonce(customHash);

Note : The customHash must be a base64 URL safe string with a minimum character length of 8 and maximum of 64 characters

2. In ITrueCallback.onSuccesProfileShared(TrueProfile) verify that the previously generated identifier matches the one in TrueProfile.requestNonce.

IMPORTANT: Truecaller SDK already verifies the request-response correlation before forwarding it to the your app.

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