Handling error responses for cases of verifying non-Truecaller users

Error CodeError MessageDescription


"Desired permissions are missing"

When the requisite permissions are missing or not granted while making the verification request


“Sim state is not ready”

When the SIM state on the device is not ready


“Airplane mode is ON”

When the device is on airplane mode, hence causing missed call to not go through


"Phone number limit reached”

When the used mobile number has exceeded the maximum number of allowed verification attempts within a span of 24 hours from the time the first verification attempt was made


“Request id limit reached”

When the used device exceeds the maximum number of allowed verification attempts in a span of 24h


“Invalid partner credentials.”

When the partner key ( app key ) you have configured in your project is incorrect. Visit here or here basis the build in which you are facing the issue on


“Something went wrong: Failed to create installation.”

In case of Truecaller internal service error


“Invalid phone number”

When the input mobile number is not a valid mobile number


“Profile has not been created yet”

When the user has been successfully verified, but for some reason their profile is not created which could be due to incorrect profile data while creating TrueProfile() in verifyMissedCall method or due to network issues

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