Add the entry truesdk under LSApplicationQueriesSchemes in into your Info.plist file


Add the associated domain provided by Truecaller (for example in Your project -> Capabilities > Associated Domains. The prefix 'applinks:' is needed for universal links to function properly.

Important: Replace the 'https://' part from the provided app link with "applinks:". ie should become while adding to entitlements.

(Note that there is no http:// or https:// prefix when setting up the applinks:)

Starting with SDK version 0.1.7, when redirection from Truecaller app to partner app fails (due to Universal Link failure) an error message is passed from Truecaller app using url scheme with following error details:

error code: 19 error description: "Cannot open app because Universal Link failed".

Starting with SDK version 0.1.7, It is mandatory to register urlScheme in your project, in the below format: truecallersdk-<#YOUR_APP_KEY> e.g if your app key is I7ViZ490028736bba408881687123b4cec49f, url scheme to be registered is truecallersdk-I7ViZ490028736bba408881687123b4cec49f

Please note that if you are using an older version of Truecaller SDK, an error message will be shown in the Truecaller app asking the user to manually navigate back to the partner app.

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